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RE: I’m thinking of making my sloths into stickers…

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Pls the world needs this

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Yes……yes. Yes. YES!

This is a pretty clear vote! Stay tuned for…




Now for sale in my Etsy Shop!

OMG these are SO beautiful! You are a true craftsperson with a wonderful eye And they are Just The Thing to wear for Bi Pride Day (or any day frankly)

These bracelets are beautiful!

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I’m thinking of making my sloths into stickers…

Feminist Sloth Button Set

What do you think?

Necklaces by RubyRobinBoutique.

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I have returned from my holiday! Now you can browse and buy from shop as you please.

Keep rioting,


Shop Will Reopen On SUNDAY

I will also be doing a giveaway soon, so why not follow me to stay tuned!

Keep rioting,


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"End Bisexual Erasure" Bisexual T-Shirt


We’ve reblogged stuff from riotcakes' etsy shop before, but they have a zazzle shop too! Lots of fun shirts, postcards, and more with bisexual, lesbian, trans, non-binary, and feminist themes.


I will be on holiday in England until the 31st. My shop will be closed from tomorrow til the 31st. Last chance buys today!


There’s some new things in the shop! I drew up a bunch of my favorite anime cats: Luna from sailor moon, Jiji from kiki’s delivery service, the cat bus from my neighbor totoro, and Marie from the aristocats (not anime but whatevs).

I made them into cute pins, larger ones that say ‘kittens against cat calls’, and smaller ones just with the cats.

Head over to to check them out

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So cute!

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15 Feminist Cross-Stitchings You Didn’t Know You Needed

How cool are these?!

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Clit Pride Button Set

This button set is for all owners of vaginas, clits & c*nts who are sick of their bad reputation. It’s a button set for anyone with these genitals who are tired of them being used as insults and so done with the world’s obsession with dicks. Show some pride for your beautiful set of parts with these buttons!

(If anything I wrote or made is offensive or cissexist please call me out! )

Finally got round to censoring all the fucks on Etsy!



Just uploaded my little hipster sloth to Etsy!

I am in love with this sloth! You all have to check out ldp’s Etsy shop, her plushies are amazing!

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Please consider supporting me by buying lavender sachets from my new etsy, LavenderMenaceSachet.

I am a depressed and anxious poor bi woman, and I’ve burned through most of my savings in the last year trying to get away from my abusers. I’ve been struggling to buy groceries lately, and I’ve got student debt to pay back. I could really use some income, especially in the few months left before I go back to school and can look at getting a new job.

My sachets are hand-sewn and range in price from $4 for the simplest ones to $6 for a custom with your choice of fabric and herb blend. Lavender is great for relaxation, grounding, or just to keep things smelling fresh. I’m just starting up, and I’ll be adding more inventory soon, including pride-flag sachets in rainbow and bi, pan, and ace colors.

Please take a look and consider signal boosting, whether or not you buy anything for yourself.

Ohhh look … lovely lavender … (and yes some do come with the Bee - a bisexual symbol - for the B in LGBT - BTW included!) 

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This button set combines two of my favourite things: sloths and feminism.

A quick instagram to show you all! 

Buy the set here or browse my shop here.